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If you have Trapara, you can enjoy easily full-fledged Area trout fishing and learn it!

The key of Area game is to retrieve slowly spoon. And the next is to feel a faint sense of bite and hook a fish. The sensitive tip section is absolutely imperative for the process. It is difficult for beginner to feel a short bite but you can hook easily a fish by the soft tip section. We desinged the rod length as you can correspond to a stunning fight. You can enjoy the fight at ease. This models correspond to various area trout lures including micro spoon.



LENGTH(ft):5’6” ・ LURE(g):0.5-2 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,500


LENGTH(ft):6’0” ・ LURE(g):0.5-2 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,700


LENGTH(ft):6’3” ・ LURE(g):0.5-2 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,900



LENGTH(ft):5’6” ・ LURE(g):0.8-3 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,500


"Anyway want to catch one fish!!" This model is best for such a beginner anglers. The soft tubulor tip has good action and sensitivity. It corresponds to not only small one but also big one by slightly strong butt power. LENGTH(ft):6’0” ・ LURE(g):0.8-3 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,700


You can hook by soft tip. It doesn't snap the bite. You don't need to feel a short bite by checking line.
A trout will be hooked automatically by the soft tip section. LENGTH(ft):6’3” ・ LURE(g):0.8-3 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,900


Correspond to long casting of micro spoon in broad area. You feel the vibration when retrieving a spoon
and can hook without snapping a short bite. Best for Hi-pressure Area game with micro spoon. It corresponds to full-fledged technic. LENGTH(ft):6’6” ・ LURE(g):0.8-3 ・ Line(lb):1-3 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):8,200



LENGTH(ft):5’6” ・ LURE(g):1-4 ・ Line(lb):2-4 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,500


All-rounder model which extensively corresponds to micro spoon, crank, minnow and etc.. Butt section
is slightly hard, so it is powerfull and easy to control a casting. You can enjoy easily the fishing in area
where big trout is living. LENGTH(ft):6’0” ・ LURE(g):1-4 ・ Line(lb):2-4 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,700


Flexibly correspond to various lures & areas. The combination of butt power and length excel in long casting. You can capture offshore trout after capturing a trout in front of you. It responds to all range. LENGTH(ft):6’3” ・ LURE(g):1-4 ・ Line(lb):2-4 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):7,900


You can cast far a slightly heavy spoon and plug by the solidly-made butt section. You can land smoothly a fish because you can control tightly big one by the powerful butt section. LENGTH(ft):6’6” ・ LURE(g):1-4 ・ Line(lb):2-4 ・ACTION:Regular・PRICE(¥):8,200

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