Attracted to the beauty…
Artistic parts in which we reflected the breathtaking beauty of trout family. The high sensitivity and luxury operability which are made from well-selected parts. It captures the hearts of anglers. Finetail debut.
The blanks of Finetail have two features. The first is the crisp action which improved the sensitivity and operability. We can pinpoint as per our image while feeling tightly the weight of lure. The second is the flexible action which corresponds to not only Nylon but also PE line. The blanks which shift smoothly power can control the kickback of tip section at casting, and follow the action of fish at fighting, and then reduce hooking out by bending tightly. Moreover we achieved long casting and sensitivity by increasing the number of guides on tip section. At the same time, it decreases loose line between the guides and we can avoid line trouble. The abounding lineup! Think the season, field, game style and size of target. And select the one which match them.